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Friday, 6 June 2014

The Cafe Debris Company & Merrill Pye Productions present BEAUTY! GLAMOUR! FAME! at the Imperial Hotel, Erskineville

Strap yourself in for plenty of leopard print and pink in every design choice of Brent Thorpe’s ‘Beauty! Glamour! Fame!’ and plenty of blue in the material.

Whilst there are a few lapses in comic timing, the oldies enjoyed Thorpe, as character Brenda Trollope, and the old pop culture references (anyone else remember Flemings, Number 96 or Alvin Purple?) and his sassy attitude.

There are times his satire hits the mark, such as Deirdre Flick, talk-back caller and general conservative redneck and there are also times we find ourselves shifting uncomfortably in our plastic chairs as boundaries are pushed to their limits (Oedipus Complex, anyone?)

‘Beauty! Glamour! Fame!’ does have a touch of the vaudeville but it can feel passé in its humour, as if I’m watching the cutting edge camp humour of the 70’s, ala Benny Hill or Kenny Everett, except it’s 2014 and it feels a tad dated. But generally the grey-haired audience enjoyed a little bottom-exposing chase around the space, a little simulated sex on stage and as many minge references as possible. It wasn’t really my thing but then again, I was walking into a pub show with Thorpe in drag. Perspective, please.

Thorpe’s offsider, Zan Cross, had plenty of energy and served as a good sidekick to Thorpe and they played the contrast well.

Enter ‘Beauty! Glamour! Fame!’ at your peril and hopefully you’ll find its old-fashioned style and humour to your liking.

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