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Monday 21 September 2015


I do like the Sydney Fringe Festival. There's a plethora of alternative shows that pop up, giving an excuse to curious punters everywhere to take a chance on something a bit alternative and raw.

'There's No-One New Around You: A Tinder Musical' is just that. Developed and performed by Keira Daley, Mark Simpson and musician Steven Kreamer, 'Tinder' is an entertaining foray into the world of online dating using cabaret and multi-media as its medium.

Staged at Gingers at the Oxford Hotel and playing every Friday in September, it's a great venue for such an intimate two-hander. With vignettes like dating a torso, geographic hook-ups, homage to Ashley Madison style dating and two of my favourite moments- the oft used 'partner-in-crime' statement and song of the Dick Pic, there's definitely plenty here to make you glad you tackled the city on a Friday night.

Sometimes it's a little clunky as they sprint into costumes from scene to scene and there is a slight lapse in rhythm towards the end,  but for the most part this was a pleasant surprise in quality and content. Daley and Simpson possess the vocals and acting chomps to entertain and satirise the proliferation of online dating as a desperate search for love (or sex). I can confidently say that you will thoroughly enjoy all that is on offer.

Might be a great place to take your online date. Just saying. 


  1. There's various alternative shows that pop-up, giving an excuse to be able to curious punters everywhere to adopt a chance on something somewhat alternative and raw.

  2. This blog is dead. Shut it down.

  3. Love it! Hilarious, candid and exciting.